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I'm Rebecca but Becka for short, I'm a fashion student at Adam Smith College hoping to move on to Uni. I am a bubbly, fun and loving person. I love going out and partying at the weekend with my friends. This blog shows things that inspire me and I love in the fashion world, hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

First Years done already!

I've now completely finished and completed first year of college, ALREADY! In that time i started off not confident about the work i was producing and by the end of the year i was proud of everything that i have accomplished and achieved in that time but in a month i will be heading back to college only to improve more and learn more about the industry and how much i can push my learning and skills but here are a few images of the things i have done this year from sketches to mood boards and a dress! :)
Well Done to everyone in the classs we have all done so well! CHEEESE!

This is my dress which i made all finished off! Exciting. I just added a simple black and which bow to the neck to add something different. Cant go wrong with a black cocktail dress on a night out! :)

One part of a mood board i made to show ideas for "kids" clothing under and "Ocean View" theme. I used different methods such as digital imaging to make these images.

Some sketches that i did.

A practice of my dress before making the real thing!

Kathryn and I tried on our dresses to see how they looked. :)

Some mood boards from the start of the year for "Jack Wills Garden Party"

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