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Monday, 1 August 2011

Lily Allen in Elle for the third time!


Heres a link to a video filmed by Elle magazine for behind the scenes of Lily Allens third cover shoot for Elle where she talks about how she is "honoured" to be on the cover for the third time and how she loves to wear "trackie bottoms" and how she "loved the royal wedding"
Even a couple of things about her own wedding in there! :)

The most recent cover from Lily - looking stunning!

Lily looking funky as she graced the cover in October 2009 for the first time

And finally Lily last August (2010) launching her new vintage fashion store in London

Elle Videos

Some behind the scene videos from Elle magazine which i thought were really cool and interesting for you to watch! :)

She seems to be topping the charts just now so i thought her video would be cool to put up!

Le Freak C'est CHIC

My favourite theme for the up coming season is definatly going to be the "Boy/Girl Thing" by wearing things such as tweed and brogues and masculine suit styles with a feminine twist.
A lot of designers have been showing this look in the magazines such as Chanel, Stella Mccartney, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Paul Smith and Dolce and Gabbana but i wont be sporting these looks from their collections but hopefully will be able to make up my own looks following this trend from the high street!

DKNY showing the tweeds

More DKNY showing the Girl/Boy look

Again more DKNY

Ralph Lauren trilby hats - which i LOOVE

A classic tweed blazer