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I'm Rebecca but Becka for short, I'm a fashion student at Adam Smith College hoping to move on to Uni. I am a bubbly, fun and loving person. I love going out and partying at the weekend with my friends. This blog shows things that inspire me and I love in the fashion world, hope you enjoy!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Katy Perry taking over the music world!

Since Katy Perrys 5th single from her Teenage Dreams album made it to no1 she is now the first woman to have 5 number one songs from an album. if this wasnt good enough she is now the first person to beat Michael Jackson out of the top spot for most amount of no1's from the same album since 1988.

Yo go Katy Perry!!

Have a listen to some of those songs on http://www.youtube.com/

The one that got away

Last Friday Night - T.G.I.F

Katy Perry

Mr Oscars' Emporium

Well guys Oscar has started his website selling cool vintage clothing and accessories.
Get on and have a look the stuff is really cool and we've got to get something to pay his bus fair to college!!

Everything on here is desgined by Oscar

A net book Sleeve

A bib

On a plain white T

A new college bag for anyone?!

A Hoody

CGStyling - Claire Ganley Styling

So if your looking for somewhere to get your hair cut and give you a new look then you need to get down to Elite Hair and Beauty East Port Street Dunfermline.
Get yourself booked in with either Claire or Leanne from the CGStyling team and get a great service and a new look!
At the salon you can experience some GHD products at the GHD styling station and some Wella SP products!

Click on CGStyling above to get a link straight to the facebook site

Some outfits i helped style with Secret Wardrobe...

Alanna the goregous model, she's only 15! Crazy.
All the clothes can be found at The Secret Wardrobe 

All photos taken by studio46.tv have a look at some of his other work on facebook!

My favourite outfit thought she looked amazing in this one.

Cute fuzzy winter coat.

Have a look at some older posts and have a look at how much Alanna looks like Lily Cole!