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I'm Rebecca but Becka for short, I'm a fashion student at Adam Smith College hoping to move on to Uni. I am a bubbly, fun and loving person. I love going out and partying at the weekend with my friends. This blog shows things that inspire me and I love in the fashion world, hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

First Years done already!

I've now completely finished and completed first year of college, ALREADY! In that time i started off not confident about the work i was producing and by the end of the year i was proud of everything that i have accomplished and achieved in that time but in a month i will be heading back to college only to improve more and learn more about the industry and how much i can push my learning and skills but here are a few images of the things i have done this year from sketches to mood boards and a dress! :)
Well Done to everyone in the classs we have all done so well! CHEEESE!

This is my dress which i made all finished off! Exciting. I just added a simple black and which bow to the neck to add something different. Cant go wrong with a black cocktail dress on a night out! :)

One part of a mood board i made to show ideas for "kids" clothing under and "Ocean View" theme. I used different methods such as digital imaging to make these images.

Some sketches that i did.

A practice of my dress before making the real thing!

Kathryn and I tried on our dresses to see how they looked. :)

Some mood boards from the start of the year for "Jack Wills Garden Party"

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is back with her brand new and sixth collection this season, showing off some different styles to the normal Victoria look.
She has styled some fantastic new looks which are a lot more relaxed and less upright.

Looking at these images it is clear to see the more relaxed look that Victoria has released which i think is great and may be some of her best designs so far.


In this months addition of ELLE magazine we all got a really good copy of "The Runway Edit" with great designers inside including;
Victoria Beckham
Marc Jacobs
Alexander Wang which was a personal favourite with a cool and chic new collection for this season A/W 2011.

These are all examples of the funky and chic collection from Alexander Wang.
The key item from Alexander Wang this season is the coat-either the bomber jacket or the poncho.

Internet Fashion

Internet fashion is becoming more and more popular, because its so easy to shop online and order lots of goods and then send back the ones that either dont fit or aren't suitable.
Some stores dont even have a shop on the highstreet that can be accessed and only have online stores, such as http://www.asos.com/ or http://www.fashionunion.com/
Both of these websites or "online stores" have affordable fashion which are on trend and available to the public.
These are some images from this seasons Spring/Summer collections 2011.

Funky florals and hippy trims were a big hit this season especially when it came to festival wear and these sites definatly provided the fads and the trends of the season with these signature looks which i thought were fantastic.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Holiday Fashion

Windows from Burberry

Window Displays From Chanel

More from the Chanel store

Prada womens store

miu miu - the sister store of Prada