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I'm Rebecca but Becka for short, I'm a fashion student at Adam Smith College hoping to move on to Uni. I am a bubbly, fun and loving person. I love going out and partying at the weekend with my friends. This blog shows things that inspire me and I love in the fashion world, hope you enjoy!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Un discovered SUPER MODEL!

Right guys!! Some exciting news, last night i got to help out at a photo shoot for Secret Wardrobe and one of the milk bar girls got to come and model... BUT after we got going and i styled some cool outfits we realised Alanna is the spitting image of LILY COLE! One of the worlds most amazing creatures.
So ... until i can upload these photos here are a few pics of Lily since she is so stunning and then later today i will get some up of Alanna .. who is only 15 and GOREGEOUS!!

So look at thes photos of the stunning LILY and then have a sneak peak at ALANNA and see how much they look a like.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Birthday Celebrations!!

It was my 19th birthday this week :)

Me and Stephen about to go out in Aberdeen! :)

Jess made me a cake!

Pressies from the college girls!

CGStyling ...

The hair looked amazing at the fashion show and it was because of CGStyling in Dunfermline, East Port Street.
The girls were fantastic and the models all loved the looks.
there are more photos on the website and information about pricing and making appoitments!

The Charity Fashion Show at Beveridge Park

Me doing Robyns hair, keeping calm.

Getting the hair done from the girls at CGSTYLING. Looked amazing!

The Milk Bar Girls!!

Ashley my model and myself! :)
We were lucky enough to be in a charity fashion show for Maggies Trust last week at the Beveridge Park Hotel along side The Secret Wardrobe.
It went amazing and was so much fun!!